Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Glasses and a Fringe.

It's been ages since my last post. Whoops. :) But I've been very busy with re-choosing my GCSE options (Art, RS, Geography, Drama tech and French/DELF), an art project, english essay, RS Prejudice and Discrimination project, IT project, latin revision, French essay planning and many more stuff.
Anyway, ages ago, I received my glasses which I had bought off eBay and was sent from Korea :)

Here's a photo of me wearing them just to show that they are quite big :)
Furthermore, I got a fringe. I used to have a fringe in year 7 but after years of my parents moaning to me about putting it up, I grew it. However I cut it again; at home. Yes at HOME. My mum started cutting and I just trimmed the ends. I think it's alright....:/

Heheee x


  1. ha my ever conscious darling.

  2. er... yeah...I understand......;;;

  3. Your glasses are gorgeous- love the post! Thanks for the comment too, new post up :)

  4. Thank you and no problem :)