Sunday, 1 May 2011

Many people say I'm a carnivore.

People around me will know my passion for meat. Especially eating meat. Mmmmmm.
On Friday, my family and I (there's only three of us, mum, dad et moi) had a mini BBQ with one of those small disposable BBQ things. It kinda failed, tons of smoke. TONS. I couldn't breathe properly, but with tons of blowing and fanning with paper plates, the coal started to burn, flames came alive and ta da; we had a BBQ :)
Here are some photos. I tried to take them as mouth-drooling at possible. :/


  1. mmm bbqs <3 we had one today which was nice :) ox

  2. loool i can imagine you like licking your lips HAH

  3. Vicki: I want another one :P
    Mary: hahahaa. you got it right. hahaha. I'm starving.