Friday, 22 April 2011

Video Killed the Radio Star

IU, real name Lee Ji Eun, is a 19 year old Korean singer who recently flew to London for a Photoshoot for a fashion magazine called 'Sure'. She has one of the most sweetest singing voices and is amazing. IU is nicknamed '3 Octave Girl' because in her hit song 'Good Day' she sang three octaves. :)

Quoted from AllKpop below:
After hearing that IU was visiting London, fans swarmed the airport to welcome their favorite idol. They also came to the photoshoot location in order to catch a glimpse of the young star.
During her interview with the magazine, IU stated, “London was one of the places I wanted to visit. Londoners enjoy matching colors and modern designs, which are similar to my tastes.”

The precocious star also revealed some details about her private side, “I continued to find things that I didn’t know about myself. People like the side of IU that isn’t decorated. But that’s not all that makes up who I am.”

A staff for the magazine stated, “We were able to see a 19 year old ‘Lee Ji Eun’ instead of singer IU. She is a brave, shy, bright and healthy-minded girl.

Here are some of the photos from the photoshoot:

And here are some videos of her singing:

Above: 'Good Day' music video

Above: An English Cover of 'Good Day'. I was pretty amazed.

Above: IU & Corinne Bailey Rae - Put Your Records On (Apr 6, 2011) 
IU loves Corinne Bailey Rae as much as her mum hahaa.

Above: IU singing Video Killed the Radio Star - one of her and my favourite songs :)

Above: IU singing 'I'd do it all again' by Corinne Bailey.

I could upload many more videos of her singing but don't think that's a good idea :) 


  1. so very predictable.

    I think I want to be a temporary journalist for Allkpop.

  2. Why so predictable?
    You didn't actually comment about IU on a IU post.
    Don't you think the photo with the houses in the background is SO England. Looks like Cambrigde Estate hahhaa.

    Let's see if they take you in first.

    Hahahhaaaa. Sorry. :)

    And why is that anyway?

  3. you clearly have no idea what cambridge estate looks like -__________________________- those houses look like palaces in comparison.

    i said i wanted to be a journalist for Allkpop because they are so full of bullsh*t.

    I'm sure I'll qualify.

  4. It still gives that kind of impression -___-

    I disagree.
    Have you even been on Allkpop?

    Give it a go.