Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Oxford Circus

Shopping at Regent Street and Oxford Street today :) My friends and I got the tube to Oxford Circus and spent a long time shopping. First time actually shopping for clothes in London.

 H&M bag

 H&M Shorts

 Two Uniqlo TShirts

 Trousers from Topshop

Skirt from Topshop

Shirt from H&M

A day well spent I must say :) 

Spain on Thursday :D
Weather. is. great.

Below (Weather forecast for Madrid, Spain)

heheee x


  1. ah looove the bag, skirt and trousers! how much did you spend man?!!!

  2. :) you know, I spent less than like 40. yes, i know :O with my student card, sale section etceteraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. heheee. AND it wasn't that crowded because we did most of the shopping in the morning :P x

  3. omg!!!!! but i swear like the skirt is £25 and stuff? and tyhe bag is £10... i love that bag, i'm currently looking for one. and 'im going there on thursday

  4. dno. it was in the sale section and stuff. maybe there's something wrong with it hahaa. oh well who cares.

    go in the morning. the shops are so big O.o
    Topshop is like 4 floors hahaaa. I'm gna feel claustrophobia (spelling :L) when i go to the one in ktown now hahaa.

    I'll be in Madrid on Thursday. hehee

  5. omg lucky! how much did you buy it for? did you go with amen? claustrophobic darling :)

  6. hahah mary. quite unlike you to revisit posts and reply :)

    no, obviously I didn't go. I'm always excluded.
    Shorts and trousers LOVE :)
    Have fun in Spain.

    I would get a student card, but I never even shop nowadays. So no point. Hahaha.

  7. love the bag! ox

  8. Don't you have to be over 16 to get a student card? x

  9. meh amen, how do you know that? don't assume if you don't know :)

  10. I actually love everything you bought :D especially the bag xx

  11. Mary: Most things were under a fiver hahaaa. I guess I found a new talent; finding good clothes for cheap?
    Amen: I KNEW that you stalked mez. excluded? yeah whatev. I went with Heuiji and HwaJ unni hahaa. Yeah I love them too, maybe that's why I bought them :) thankss, I hope I will and don't get pickpocketed :'( You don't use a student only for shopping :)
    Vicki: Thank you :)
    Anonymous: nope, you have to be over 12. :)
    Mary (Again): go have your convo on fb or something hahaa. STOP ARGUING (in Mary's grunting tone) :)
    Anita: Thanks :) You know, I bought the bag at the last minute because I didn't really want to buy it. Now, I actually am so glad I did. :)

    Thanks for your comments people :) x

  12. :o really!! how much was the skirt? and trousers

  13. Mary: Can't remember. Like a fiver each with the discount? dno.

  14. wth? lucky poo. anyways when you coming back from spain?

  15. :) Sunday night. I really CBA to pack. And I'm scared of being pickpocketed. My mum's been telling me stories about how people take your whole suitcase and stuff. But apart from that, everyone's nice :)