Monday, 11 April 2011


My titles are so boring.


I (think) most people around me know that I like art and prefer to any other subject. But I don't think I have a 'passion' for art. Which is really depressing and annoying since knowing how competitive it is around people who do art, I really need to LOVE LOVE LOVE art to achieve something. And I feel really bad. My mum, to help me with life later on, subscribed to two magazine companies for me - Art monthly and Art review. I really do try to read them but.. nevermind.

Some are still not opened :L

 And I have one more unopened as well :/

But I really do LOVE drawing, painting, making etcetera. Here are some glimpses from my art boooook.

 I wrote 'Screen printing' with string. It took forever. hahaaa

 What we did last lesson :) :

 First ever drawing in Tiffin, year seven: (an egg btw)

 Cheese grater :) :
 I love the colours :) :

 My mum hahaaa:


I love thick, packed art books.



  1. you are clearly very proud of your art book :)

  2. ergh please be rubbish at art thanks. and your background is too cute!!

  3. You are amazing! I hold you in the highest regard. I myself, cannot draw to save my life and therefore will be happy if I come above last this year (and don't say 'aah you won't' cause I came second to last last year and I guess I will have to be happy with that if it comes again) so to get back to the point: I envy you. P.S. sorry for the rant!

  4. Amen: I don't think it's awful.
    Mary: haha. not. and merci :)
    Lehcar (hahaa): Thank you :) don't have much to say except from -> DONT WORRY YOU DID FINE. I still haven't done my art exam :/