Monday, 7 February 2011

Bonjour Mademoiselle.

I just spent 5 minutes checking the spelling of Mademoiselle. Spelling is a BIG weakness of mine.

I've started to start my blog again, but a fresh new one :) Don't ask me why, I felt like it. Hopefully it'll be updated often, but you can't expect too much since I have an IT project, RS project, History project, English essay, Spanish essay, DT research homework, Music presentation, Science test revision to do. Wow, I have more than I thought I did. I really shouldn't be wasting my time here, but nevermind. Apparantly, in year 9 you have to do as much stuff in your free time because from year 10 onwards, you get no free time. Eurgh, that sucks.

Also, most of my photos are taken by my beauty, SONY A230

Here are some purchases I've done lately :)

1. High waisted jeans from New Look, £16.99

2. Ribbon clip from Dorothy Perkins, £5, £2, £1, £0.80 (£0.40each)

3. Mustard Yellow hat from Gap, £4.99, £3.49

4. Knee high socks from Primark, £2

 For information about the second and last item I bought, go onto Amen's Blog; she's written more stuff :)

Au revoir :]


  1. boob, you spelled apparently wrong 8)
    and you mention me not. you lie?
    ahahaha. interesting post i knew every detail about already anyway and thanks for reminding me of the shiteload of homework that awaits me tonight.
    Bye :)

  2. Whooooops. Oh well :)
    I DID mention you but like the link is black so you can't see it. But if you hover over it you can see it :) It's on the last sentence.
    Eurgh, I MUST do RS. :'(

  3. ah those high waisted shorts look AMAZING on you! meh i want your legs :(

  4. thanks for following :) following you too

    totally agree about the year 9 thing - make the most of it while you can!
    lovely purchases, esp the hat and clip. ox

  5. Mary: Stupid. They're jeans not shorts hahaaa. And the photo came out nice. I want LONG legs.

    Vickileestyle: Thank you :) I'm gonna do as many stuff I can for the rest or year 9, so I don't regret later :P

  6. The HAT. The HAT. Where's my special mention, I mean I found it for you? Stop scribbling out your face please, I would prefer to see the ugliness :) xx