Sunday, 20 February 2011

Santorini : Day ONE

Day One in Santorini

After all the excitement of losing the School Birthday ( as usual, go Bebbington! :) ), I headed to the airport with my mum to get the 10:15pm Olympic Air plane to Athens.
 Getting the train to Terminal 4 from Terminal 3 at Heathrow Airport :)

These photos were taken by my phone so they're really bad quality :/ sorry, anyway, the above two photos are of Athens at night on taken on the plane.
Here are some photos taken by my camera :)

Breakfast at Athens Airport, at 5:30 ~ 6 AM. Whilst waiting for the plane for Santorini which was at 9:45am. Our plane from London arrived at 4am. -____-

 Too waste time, my mum and I tried out some massage chairs at the airport as well. Two euros for 5 mins, we did ten minutes because it was so relaxing :D

 On the plane to Santorini. Raining D':

After, we got the plane to Santorini Island. Then got picked up by our hotel and taken to our place at Mill House (name of our hotel place :) ) :)

On the first day, since we were quite exhausted, we decided to just visit the town we were staying at. It was also the capital of Santorini - Thira (or Fira). Unfortunately, it started POURING and we got drenched, soaked etc. My shoes are still soaked :'( So here are some photos we took on the second day of the capital :) but beforeeee, we had lunch at a place called Lucky's Souvlakis. Souvlaki is like a Greece thing (food), it's like meat on a stick. We have Souvlaki Pita (souvlaki in pita bread with some veggie and chips). It was VERY yummy :D

 There was also a handwritten KOREAN menu! :D no other language ;)

Now here ARE the photos of the capital :)

 Bus Station in Thira
 Greek Powerade Hahhahahaa.

That was day one in Santorini :)


  1. Oooh it's so pretty! You should just rename this post FOOD ;) xx

  2. Hey, what a coincidence! I am Greek, and Santorini is my favorite place in the world! I went 2 years ago, and it was quite cold at night, even in the middle of the summer! I enjoyed your post, I hope you will have A BLAST!

    Have a nice week!
    Froso from Style Nirvana

  3. :O THAT LOOKS AMAZING! wahh i wanna go there, looks so nice and the view is just lush! that BLT looks gross :P

  4. Mmmmmm that wrap looks lush! Such nice photos :D And thank you for following my dear, I followed back.

    <1 <2 <3

  5. :O *jaw drops* the scenery is breath taking.
    and i'm stuck here in effing london.
    i am tres impressed at the written menu.
    it brings to mind the memory of the discrimination discussion we had ;)

    and yo gonna regret covering yo bootiful face one day.

  6. Anita: I had more fooooood today :)
    Froso M: Wow :) Santorini is reallllly nice, I wish I was here in the summer though; not many people :(
    Mary: I went somewhere wayyyy more amazing today and yesterday :D BLT?
    Mariam: Thanks and you're welcome :D
    Amen: tbh, I prefer London hahahaaa maybe it's cos I'm more used to it and theres more people :) But Santorini is really nice as well :D nahhh. i wont :D

  7. I love plane journeys (well except I get nervous about crashes). My gawd your suite looks beautiful and the food is making me hungry just by looking at it. Thanks for the wonderful comment, new post up!

  8. Izzy: Same! I was like praying that I'll arrive safely :P Thank you :)