Thursday, 10 February 2011


About a week ago I bought a skipping rope off eBay for £2.99; it arrived yesterday.

Until I grow, I have decided to skip at least for 30 mins nearly everyday. I did more than 30 mins today and was sweating like a pig. My parents were commented on how heavy I was when I jumped up and down... Very encouraging eh? Well I really hope to grow since I eat like a pig and sweat like a pig. Hahahaaa. Anyone want to join my skipping diet(?)?

Skipping is one of the best sports for growing along side basketball. It's also a great way of losing weight and improving how you breathe. It's really fun aswell :)


  1. i hope you fail.

    just kidding :) i'm just jealous because i can't bring myself to exercise.

  2. Wow more than 30 mins of skipping, jeez don't think I'd even last 5! Hope you visit back :)

  3. Amen: eurgh. :)
    Izzy: lol :) I've only skipped once so far! Hahaaa. Need to start again :P

  4. I would join in Jinny Poo but let me tell you, skipping wasn't made for asthmatics :) xx

  5. Anita: Good point. Hahahaaa it'll help us grow though :D xx