Wednesday, 16 February 2011


On Friday 18th February, I will be taking the 10:55 plane from Heathrow to Athens, Greece. After arriving at Athens at 4:45am, I will get the 9:45am plane to Santorini from their. After arriving at Santorini, I arrive get picked up by the hotel we're staying in (Mill Houses Hotel Santorini), and make our way towards their :)


I think we're staying in a Studio at the hotel:

Studio consist of an open plan bedroom with dining table and kitchenette, refrigerator, separate marble w/c with shower, direct dial telephone, flat screen satellite TV, ipod , music, air condition (hot & cool air), safe deposit box, hair dryer, daily maid service, bathrobes, beach and pool towels, slippers and fine toiletries and veranda overlooking the Aegean.

But the problem is... I don't know what to wear! Pleaseeeeeee, if you have any ideas or tips, COMMENT. It would REALLY be appreciated. I'm really stuckkkk.


  1. AHAHAHA. i hope there's a thunderstorm and tons of rain.

    i'm just kidding. kind of. i'm that jealous :)
    just wear nice things. who cares?

  2. take me with youuuu! your posts never show up on my homepage :/ anyways BUY ME SOME THINGS TEHE :) wear trampy clothes :p

  3. thanks for your comment :)

    have fun! looks like a lovely place ox

  4. Amen: Oi DONT JINX IT. :'( I'm in Greece atm and it's not raining, although BBC told me it was going to be heavy raining. BBC was wrong once again.
    Mary: Too late, I'm already here :P you don't deserve anything. ;)
    Vicki: You're welcome :) And thank you!