Monday, 21 February 2011

Santorini : Day TWO

Today we visited Oia, a town in Santorini which is known for having the best sunset.The day started off with breakfast served in our room.

Here are some photos of Oia. When I arrived there, I said to my mum "This is THE place. THE place one postcards". Hahahaaa.

The most interesting thing was the amount of dogs and cats. Dogs would stalk you everywhere.

When I was eating at this place, there was this dog, the cutest dog ever, that was staring at me the whole time. But my mum told me that I shouldn't feed it because it might be like allergic to chicken hahahaaa.

Also, the sunset failed because it was cloudy. D':


  1. I was scrolling down the pics...
    where's the sunset... where's the sunset?
    and i saw it and gasped :) stunning :)
    omfd,i'm sorry, but Oia will NOT be the place for me. GEEEZ WHAT THE HELL, ARE THEY STRAY DOGS/CATS?!?

  2. wooow the breakfast looks delicious

  3. ah i'm so jealous :( i wanna go there. that dog is so so cute! :)

  4. Amen: Huh? I thought I didn't post a pic of the sunset.... :/ I thought I wrote that it was a fail hahhaaa cos it was too cloudy.
    Emilia: It was nice :) heheee.
    Mary: The dog was so cute but kinda annoying it was basically sitting on my feet begging for food hahahaa.

  5. Oh my goodness, Greece is so beautiful! I want to go there one day. So far, I've found a cruise that I want to take, but I'm afraid I'll get sea sick! ;~;

  6. Looks incredible, really love the sunset photos with the dogs! Plus again a big wow to the food! Plus thanks for the sweet comment, new post up :)

  7. ok. it wasn't sunset. it was just some sun.

    you ARE a disgrace. even more so because you're being so childish now with the photos. and YOU are like yoonsuh's friend she was talking about. i bet you're gnna give the photos to somebody else.
    and you don't like taking photos with me / with any other camera than your own because you are a ridiculously self conscious cow ;D
    and no one cares about your leg. tbh i didn't even know your leg was in it. sue me, i dare you :) it would cost you thousands to get involved with the law.
    yayy. photo 'frenzy'.
    and all the other keyrings bullied your's so they didn't make friends. you're right.

  8. ALSO. you know the picture of you on my post? click on it :D it's a gif. incase you didn't realise.

  9. Audrey: Luckily I don't get sea sick :P You're welcome :)
    Izzy: Thank you :) and no problem :)
    Amen: You should've said it was sun then hahahaa. Not really. Even Yoonsuh said it herself that YOU'RE EXACTLY like her friend hahhaaa. And nahh, you can take photos like them anyday. I cba to upload them from my phone anyway. Not thousands. And anyway cba hahhaa. Yep photo 'frenzy' (probs will never happen but yeah :P)
    Actually it wouldn't make sense if the keyrings bullied mine. Firstly, yours is FAKE gucci fabric hahhahahaaa and mine's married to yoonsuh's one and has a pet. Your's is just... lonely. heheee. ALSO I knew -___-

  10. well obviously your thing didn't even hear about his own divorce.
    and it is thousands.
    anyday? no. it's sunny like twice a month.
    i may act like her friend, but you are as mean. meaner.
    don't reply here, i probs won't see it.