Tuesday, 15 February 2011

To Have Pasta or To Not Have Pasta, That IS the QUESTION.

I was strolling in the canteen with Amen, deciding what to eat for lunch and came across our hot meals of the day. Usually we get to choose between THREE pastas (Yes, impressive :/) and some other hot meals. Today I spotted a pasta that looked quite tasty but wasn't too hungry. Then I suddenly said to Amen, 'To have pasta or to not have pasta, that IS the question'. A random adapted quote of the day :)

(In the end I did take the pasta :) I'd rather take the pasta and regret rather than not take the pasta and regret forever of not taking it ;) )

I should really be doing my maths homework, however after doing my two geography homeworks and three quarters of my History project, I wanted to take a 'rest' should I say?

Tomorrow, some of my friends and I are going to Shamilka's house after school to make our School Birthday cake. We also made it last year; in my opinion I think it was quite good. Here are some photos:

Quite impressive for a year eight class, don't you agree? :)
Anyway, this yearrrr, we have decided to make a bus. We heard that there are other forms that are also doing buses, so we see that we have competition. I'm sure we'll... er... win?

I'll take some photos of our 9B cake, hopefully it'll work out right :)

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